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Punching and Shearing machine with CNC busbar


Since the 20th century 90 years. The world's numerical control busbar Punching Machine busbar punching machine competitor is relatively weakened. The busbar punching and Shearing Machine busbar punching and shearing machine is a working machine of the equipment manufacturing industry. Foreign heavy-duty manufacturers have changed their doors. Realizing the modernization of equipment manufacturing industry depends on the development level of China's shearers. The domestic shearing machine industry ushered in a great opportunity. The domestic heavy CNC busbar punching machine busbar punching and shearing machine product technology has matured, and the difference with foreign advanced technology level is shrinking, and most products can meet the needs of users. Its manufacturing capability has entered the world's top ranks, and the manufacturing capabilities of foreign CNC busbar punching machine busbar punching and shearing machine manufacturers are weakening. China is gradually integrating itself into the world economy. Foreign businessmen have come to invest and build factories in China. China has become a processing factory in the world. As a basic equipment industry, it should have a good development prospect.

Compared to aggressive manual cutting. Low price, pedal shears have a simple structure. High shear speed, no burr trimming, and high efficiency.

CNC busbar punching machine busbar punching machine users also increase output by modifying the specification parts and adding options that can increase productivity. Improve accuracy and help save labor. Improve the quality of the incision and reduce the number of auxiliary operations to enhance safety.

The upper tool holder of the pendulum shears swings around a fixed axis in the shearing process. The fulcrum is weak and leveraged. The utility model can improve the life of the cutting edge, the life of the machine, the compact structure of the whole machine, and the stepless adjustment of the stroke amount of the upper knife holder, thereby greatly improving the working efficiency.

Main performance features of the shears The upper and lower blades can be cut using four cutting edges. The use of high-quality 9CrSi6CrW2Si data has greatly improved the wear resistance and service life of the blade.

The adjustment of the toolholder shear angle is controlled by the PLC. Can be adjusted in the range of 0.5 ° ~ 2.5 ° can make the shear data deformation to reduce the ideal state.

The adjustment of the backgauge is ensured by the transmission of the worm gear motor to ensure the blocking accuracy of the backgauge.

The adjustment of the blade clearance is controlled by the worm gear and worm to meet the cutting needs of different plate thicknesses and materials.

With the light-to-line function, it is more convenient and reliable to cut the lines.

Segmented cutting can also be achieved. The cutting stroke can be adjusted arbitrarily. Not only improves work efficiency.

It also improves the geometric accuracy of the parts. The upper tool post adopts a 1° rake angle. It is not only convenient for blanking.

Stiffness and vibration resistance, the overall structure of the shears welded steel plate structure. Has good strength. The two cylinders are fixed on the left and right uprights. An auxiliary knife seat is provided on the work table to facilitate the micro adjustment of the blades. Feeding balls are also installed on the work table and the operation is simple.

The entire frame is rusted by sandblasting and sprayed with anti-rust paint.

Computer-aided optimization design using finite element analysis methods.

Reliable structure. All steel structure design and production. Beautiful appearance.

China's CNC bus punching machine bus shear market has become the goal of international competition. Will face tremendous pressure from international competition. There are more and more manufacturers of domestic CNC busbar punching machine busbar punching and shearing machines, and the standardized shearing machine manufacturers of shearing machines have been optimistic. The more fierce market competition will usher in a new round of market repositioning. The lack of domestic enterprises' ability to independently innovate must quickly change this situation. Because the market demand characteristics of single-piece and small-batch heavy-duty shears, the requirements for technological innovation have become higher and faster. Shandong Lijian CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. In the past 14 years, it has been dedicated to building an internationally advanced busbar punching and shearing machine for the NC busbar punching machine. Now it has become one of the professional busbar processing equipment manufacturers in China.

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