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How to solve the problem of automatic angle cutting machine (front and rear knife automatic cutting machine)


Introduction: After investigation, many customers on the market reported that automatic CNC automatic cutting machines (also known as fore-and-a-blade cutters) will have problems such as enamel, cutting steps, and size before and after...

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Through investigation, many customers on the market reported that the automatic CNC automatic Cutting Machine (also known as front and rear knife cutting machine) will appear enamel, cut a step, before and after the size of the head and so on in a few months after use, how to solve the small editing instructions as follows:

1, many customers will ask if there is no best (sharp and wear-resistant) tile cutting, first Xiaobian told everyone that there is no best cutting in the world, only suitable cutting. Different cutting discs are used for different ceramics. In the previous years, they were mainly polished tiles, but now they are mostly polished, and they are also microcrystalline, super-crystalline, and antique bricks. . . Different bricks, because of the large number of ceramic manufacturers, its ceramic formulations and materials are different, so the hardness of the ceramic material produced is not the same, Foshan brand ceramics is relatively thick, hard, Jiangxi, Shandong brick thin or soft. Therefore, it is very important to find what kind of brick is suitable for cutting. As shown in the figure, the density of the grit at the periphery of the cutting plate is not the same. This is also the reason why the manufacturers of the cutting blade cater for different ceramic cuttings. Research and development, it is hoped that all ceramic industry colleagues in the industry to buy clear cut to see what kind of tiles to be cut, or in the spare cut to find the corresponding cutting blade suitable for immediate need to tile processing

2. During the cutting process, there is a root pipe on the machine, which is used for cooling and slagging of the cutter head. It may be unclear to some novices, and there are more machines in the processing plant itself, and the water pump is not big enough. Inadequately, the cooling of the guide blade is not enough to cause burning, so the cut-out ceramics are also sharp, and the blade will not be durable or there are still a half of them.

3, sometimes forgetting the head motor during operation, sometimes forgetting to open water, directly open the belt and then put the brick cutting machine, so when the brick to the blade formed a card knife, if several times, it may be Caused the cutter head to be not correct, cutting out the size of the head, or serious enamel, or tailing. Therefore, check the cutter head to ensure that the cutter head and the belt surface are perpendicular to 90 degrees.

4. The enamel is caused by the deviation of the belt.

Before and after the knife automatic cutting machine is used for one month, the belt will be slowly stretched due to dipping, become loose, and it will move around severely, so that the ceramic to be cut does not rely on the stopper, causing enamel, dislocation before and after the size The head, it is necessary to adjust the belt adjustment screw, so that the belt go positive, to ensure that the ceramics to be cut in the brick into the mouth of the brick are leaning against the ruler.

5, the head belt is too loose, resulting in cutting blade strength is not enough to cause the loss of enamel, in the use of the machine, the motor belt will gradually stretch loose, so follow-up adjustments to the motor and head belt

6. Spindle bearing is damaged. When the cutter hears the abnormal sound of the cutter head, and the cutting blade can be shaken by hand, it is necessary to change the cutter head bearing. The bearing is 6305 and the oil seal is 25*62.

In fact, each machine will be adjusted and tested before leaving the factory, so customers use the machine after receiving the machine is very perfect, can be used after a period of time, because of similar issues above lead to enamel deviation, etc., as long as the above A few steps to check can be solved! In this way you can also make the cut brick more perfect.

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